Testimonials- Feedback from our Clients and Partners


Melanie and Capt. John


The past few months have been a rough time in our lives.  John is too young to be burdened with Dementia and he's struggling with it.  I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me and John.  When I realized I couldn't go it alone, you stepped in and walked this horrible path with me and made it easier to get thru it all.  When I wanted to give up, your experience and persistence to not give up got me thru it.  I appreciate you so much and still need you to "check up" on us from time to time because this journey won't be over for a long time to come.  

I highly recommend Next Steps Senior Solutions to anyone in need of the individual caring that they give with all their heart and soul.





Words can not express the total helplessness a family feels when trying to find a senior living facility for a loved one once they realize it is the only solution. Our family was very blessed with the services provided by Jeff Linville and Jennifer Fitterman of Next Steps Senior Solutions. They came into our life when we felt lost at finding a memory unit for my father. The decision to take this step for our family was not easy and adding the limited facilities which provide the care and attention required by Alzheimer’s patients just added to our confusion and sadness. 

Jeff and Jennifer provided the link we needed to insure dad is being cared for. They made it possible for the transition to go smoothly and continues to assist us with any questions or concerns.

Our heart felt thanks to Next Steps Senior Solutions owners Jeff Linville and Jennifer Fitterman for their timely service and even more for their warm understanding care shown to our family during this time.




 I want to take a minute and just say a huge THANK YOU for helping me with my mom. Your knowledge of senior living was invaluable. You made an overwhelming experience so much easier and less stressful. My mom is so happy and THRIVING now at the Atrium! Jeff Linville Jennifer Fitterman you both Rock!


Next Steps Senior Solutions helped put me at ease during this very difficult time. I couldn't imagine doing this without them. Thank you for everything you did to help us get thru. God Bless!


 An invaluable service to the local community that undoubtedly will serve the interests of the elderly population and their loved ones with dedication commitment and genuine sense of compassion.


Jeff and Jennifer are as knowledgeable and professional as they come! Next Step Senior Solutions is a great company that truly cares about their clients needs.